Buchanan Management & Consulting believes that a manager is the single most important individual in any entertainer’s life. Most actors, musicians, producers, etc. spend enough time worrying about their craft and developing their God- given talents, that they don’t have enough time to focus on the business side of the industry. It is the role of the manager to handle the day to day business activities of an entertainer’s career. A manager is the chief operating officer for the entertainer that he is representing.

Services include but are not limited to helping with legal aspects of an entertainer’s career, major career decisions, creative process of the entertainers’ craft, promoting or hyping up an entertainer’s talents, and being an overall liaison between the outside world and the entertainer.

A consultant is one who is employed to give sound professional advice to individuals practicing in a given profession. Buchanan Management & Consulting can provide services to entertainers, athletes, and corporate business entities that need advice on what decisions to take next to achieve a given goal. Given the vast legal and practical experience of Buchanan Management & Consulting, the company is able to provide professional advice, options, and referrals to their clients.

Buchanan Management and Consulting realizes that in the midst of our busy lives, big business and politics have an enormous effect on the quality of our society. It is this company’s goal to provide business entities and politicians with strategic plans on how to present, market, and construct their product or agenda to various and/or different groups of people. Whether it’s a short term or long term business goal, or a politician seeking to campaign into an unfamiliar demographic, Buchanan Management & Consulting can assist with helping to create a common ground that produces outcomes that enhance the quality of life for everyone.

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