About Buchanan

Buchanan Management and Consulting, LLC is the brain child of Chief Executive Officer Jamaal Buchanan. As a Chicago native who has always possessed an intellectual, artistic, and versatile character, he sought to establish a company that addresses the management and consulting needs of entertainers, athletes, business entities, as well as politicians.

Upon receiving a Jesuit high school education, educational pursuits led him to Bradley University which is a private liberal arts and sciences college in the Midwest. Buchanan also studied at both American University and Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Throughout his college career, Buchanan interned with The Public Defender Services in Washington D.C, the Chicago Law Department, and also the Chicago Board of Elections.

An interest in the law and how it affects our society, businesses, and the arts led Buchanan to Vermont Law School. While there, he honed in on the skills that would make him a successful advocate in any area of the law. Good fortune provided clerkships for Buchanan with Illinois Federal Magistrate Judge W. Thomas Rosemond Jr., and also Circuit Court of Cook County Judge Lee Preston. Special interests led him to become co-founder of the Vermont Law School’s Sports and Entertainment Society.

After law school, Buchanan traveled back to Chicago to work for a boutique public interest law firm. Chicago’s political climate provided the appropriate avenues for Buchanan to volunteer on the frontlines of many political campaigns. By and through volunteering with public strategy firms such as Wilhelm & Conlon, various political organizations, and grassroots organizations like Meetup.com, Buchanan worked on political campaigns for local alderman, county board presidents, the 2004 Howard Dean Presidential Campaign, and also on Barack Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate Campaign.

Very dear to Buchanan is his love for the entertainment industry. He has provided assistance to various actors, musicians, producers, writers, comedians, models, and DJ's, who are currently working in the entertainment field. In efforts to embrace that love, Buchanan relocated to Los Angeles to work in the Law Office of Johnnie Cochran, and also to provide excellent management, consulting, and public strategies to individuals who are passionate about their craft and or business.

It is his belief that excellence can be achieved through passion!

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